there sure might be some links other people have listed already. who cares.


htmlcolorcodes - pick a color and get the hex code

name that color - pick a color and get the "name" of it

20,000 names - need a name for that OC/NPC/etc? here u go

tile checker - check if the image you have tiles nicely

glow text etc - glow your text in any style

waifu2x - embiggen an image so it doesn't look like shit

transparent textures - textures to put over a color

reference angle - move a head for a specific ref angle - upload things, but mostly used for mp3s iirc

spriters resource - tons and tons of sprites, portraits, & rips from video games

cursors 4 u - cursors... 4 u


transparent stickers - some cute stickers w/ transparent bg

radiooooo - travel the world and thru time via music

pointerpointer - points at your cursor

astro carpets - you know those carpets you see in arcades, bowling alleys, skating rinks, etc? this place sells them

window swap - feeds looking out various windows from around the world

radio garden - current radio stations around the world

digital washi tape - as it says


ffxiv model viewer - as it says, you can see what character & gear models look like

heavenswhere - see a birds-eye view of hunts, vistas, currents & maps

saltedxiv - guides, job rotations, and encounters

housing snap - [JPN] site where players can upload screenshots of their in-game home decorating

ff14housing - every single housing item in the game, how it looks & where to get it

teamcraft - literally everything you need for DoH/DoL. crafting "rotation" practice, gathering alarms, & even what to spend extra currency on

ffxiv gardening - ffxiv gardening. more complex than you'd think

eorzea collection - user uploaded glamours. can be used for ideas or looking at hot wols imo

arcanum - put your WoL on a "trainer" card showing how you're doing!

hairstyle numbers - you ever look at m*ds & it's like "hair 43" and ur like tf is that. this lists them all


D&D compendium - compendium of D&D resources

who the fuck is my dnd character - fun way to randomize a dnd chara idea

tetra-cube dnd chara gen - very detailed randomized dnd chara generator

harlekine dndgen - just the dnd pc themselves generator

r-n-w - honestly pretty cute dnd merch & useable items

cantrips media - more on the useful side of dnd items