here are some stickers i've collected while lurking around some webbed sites. you can move them around!


I scanned in some of my many, many, many stickers I've collected over a long time. I have... a lot. What you'll see here isn't even the half of it... trust me on this.
Since I have so many, I'll only put a few of my favorites on this page, and put the rest... somewhere else. a zip maybe? I haven't figured out the logistics yet tbh

Most of these are from Daiso, a Japanese "dollar" store, essentially. I've looked at the back of the packaging and as far as I could read(?) there are no artists listed. Please forgive me.

You're welcome to take any of these stickers, even the downloaded ones, for your sticker pages or decor on sites! A link back is appreciated but not needed! they are... bigger than i expected tbh

"babu" is my absolute favorite sticker. mysterious creation...