i never really made playlists before in terms of vibes and stuff, mostly just to organize, but here are a few i've made across some platforms

the spotify previews are pretty loud. i'm not sure how to change that, sorry;;



various anime openings, endings, in-universe songs, and character songs that I like and/or grew up with.

220+ tracks from the critically acclaimed MMORPG FFXIV that i compiled to show people just how good the music in this game is. please play it. thank you.

as it says. ngl it's mostly persona rn. don't assume i've played all these games LOL. always updating

halloween vibe tracks. some metal, creepiness, silliness, all that comes with the holiday. always updating

u guys ever hear about vocaloid? i'm aware of it. there's not a lot on spotify but i made this nonetheless

the top 100 songs spotify said i listened to last year 2023. just in case u were curious

here's the songs *I* know i can have on repeat for hours. anime, meme, dad music, games... there's a lot in here

here's what spotify says i've been repeating. don't worry about it


i have so many fucking random youtube playlists. here are the more organized ones.
(if there are repeats across spotify and youtube it's because the video makes the song taste better)

some misc anime/game/character song playlists for stuff not on spotify, some good stuff in here imo

who doesn't love a good mashup? some of these have permanently changed my brain chemistry

so you've heard about vocaloid. there's a lot more in here

a playlist full of videos of playlists. yep

"normie" music. basically anything that isn't anime/game/etc. multiple languages

NOT MINE. but i do shuffle it occasionally for some vibes