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hello hello o7 and welcome to my site KIFUJIN-KUN! you can refer to me here on the site as any iteration of the site name or by Junes, the name i go by on other sites~! if you are unaware, "kifujin" is the term older fujoshis use in Japan, meaning "noble rotten woman". I felt it was accurate since been a fan of such things for like... 20 years LOL. ┌(┌^o^)┐

anyway! thank you for visiting my site! it's got a little bit of everything, even though it's all over the place at the moment! like humans growing and changing every day, this site will always be a work in progress! regardless, i hope you enjoy your travels through here! ;^)

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To Do:

● fill out "about" page
● physical collections?
● various shrines (p4/yosuke/souyo, ffxiv, etc)
● any fanlistings?
● ships page + graphics